It’s not Calculus

Sandy Steele’s dog Susie Says 

It’s not Calculus  

Sandy was reading the newspaper to me recently when I discovered that I would rather look at the comics. Every time she saw something about taxes, government debt and the idiots running the government, she would blow a gasket. When she finally went back to her bedroom to take a nap, I picked up the paper and took it outside and used it for a blotter. Ahh, relief is only a fish-wrapper away. 

You know, I’m 3 years old but still a teenager by government math. I think I’m a lot smarter than the crew running our government. As I see it the problem of balancing the checkbook is simple. Put all the Congresspeople and the President in a room and lock them in without food and water and no bathroom. And don’t let them come out until they agree to use 2+2 =4 not equals 5, 6 or 10. I’d bring in my German buddies the Dobermans and the Shepherds to guard the room to make sure no one gets out until they pass the math test. I bet you they’d agree to work together and solve this simple problem. I mean who wants to pee in public. 

Well,  that’s all for now as I’ve got to run over to the dog park and see what’s happening with the girls. Got to keep up with the gossip. 

Catch you later, 

Susie and Sandy 

P.S. A Washington Senator said to a House Representative: “Hey, does your dog have a good pedigree?” The House member replied, “Does he? If my dog could talk, he wouldn’t speak to either of us.” 

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